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Mobile Wireless Signal Boosters

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* Drive 4G-X Mobile Wireless 5-Band Booster Kit470510FWeBoost Drive 4G-X (Kit includes: Booster, 6V/2A DC/DC VPA, Mini Magnet Antenna, Slim Low Profile Antenna w/12.5' Cable. Support Multiple Devices.Product Details
*** Drive Sleek470135FDrive Sleek - 5 Band 4G & 3G Cradle Booster. Includes Mini Magnet Mount Antenna, Indoor Patch Antenna, Magnet Vent Clip, 2.1A DC Power Supply. For Single Cellular Device Dock in Cradle Booster.Product Details
****Drive 4G-X RV Kit470410FWeboost Drive 4G-X RV Kit (Kit includes: Booster, Outside Omni Antenna, Inside DT Antenna, 20 Foot RG6 BLK, AC 100-240V 2.5A, DC 12-24V 3A, Cable Mounts + Ties, Hole Saw Bit and Cable Entry cover. Support Multiple Devices.Product Details
*5dBi Fender NMO Wide Band AntennaEX1001SurePower Fender / Roof NMO Antenna, 5dBi Wide Band 698 MHz - 2155 MHz, 15" Mast and Enclosed CoilsProduct Details
*6' RG174 Coax Cable with SMA Male - FME Female Connectors9511446' RG174 Coax Cable with SMA Male - FME Female Connectors. Use for Drive 4G-X / 4G-M Mobile Wireless Boosters.Product Details
3 dBi NMO Fender Wide Band AntennaEX1008SurePower Fender / Roof NMO Antenna, 3dBi Wide Band 698 MHz - 2690 MHz, 3" Mast, Self Contained Design and No Ground Plain RequiredProduct Details
4G Spring Mount Trucker Antenna3044154G OTR Spring Mount Trucker AntennaProduct Details
4G Trucker Atnenna3044144G OTR Trucker AntennaProduct Details
5dBi Magnet Mount Antenna Wide Band w/ SMA MaleEX1004Magnet Mount Antenna, 5dBi Wide Band 698 MHz - 2155 MHz , 14" Mast, 3" Magnet Base and Enclosed Coils with SMA Male ConnectorProduct Details
NMO 3/4" w/ 14' RG58 Coax Cable w/ SMA Male9011503/4" NMO w/ 14' RG58 Coax Cable with SMA Male ConnectorProduct Details
NMO Magnet 3" wide 12' RG58 cable w/ SMA MaleEX1803NMO Magnet, 3" wide, SMA Male, 12 feet RG58 cableProduct Details
SMA male - FME male connectorEXA220SMA male - FME male connector. Most commonly use with Wilson Electronics 801201 and 460208 new SMA Female connector.Product Details