TCC Crimping Tool 8.7″

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TCC Industries 8.7″ Ratchet Crimping Tool for LMR400, LMR240, RG58, RG59, RG62, RG11, RG8, and RG213
Diameter (0.429″/ 10.9mm, 0.256″ / 6.5mm, 0.213″ / 5.41mm, 0.068″ / 1.73mm)


Closing Rachet Action • Keeps the pressure on to get the job done with much less effort
Replaceable Dies • Keep your crimps perfectly hexed and secure without the expense of replacing the entire tool
Ajustable Pressure • Lets you choose exactly how much force the tool will use
Wide Tool Mouth • For easy crimping of larger connectors and cables
Ergonomic Grips • Keep your hands comfortable cirmp after crimp, even when applying a lot of pressure