SHIELD EXTEND (FRE) CU Side Fiber Range Extender

: $1,950.00

SHIELD EXTEND CU Side Fiber Range Extender (FRE)

Perfect for university campuses, expansive facilities, and towering high-rises, the SHIELD EXTEND Fiber Range Extenders (FREs) amplify the connection distance between the Network Unit (NU) and the Coverage Unit (CU) to a stretch of up to 1.4 kilometres in SHIELD EXTEND setups. Beyond facilitating copper cable for remote CU power, FREs operate in tandem. They are offered as a set containing two units—one for the NU end and one for the CU end—with each duo accommodating up to two CUs.

An Integrated Public Safety DAS for LMR (Land, Mobile, Radio)

SHIELD EXTEND is engineered to ensure uninterrupted protection even in complex architectural designs and ensures adherence to the latest fire safety regulations.

Best Performance: Unparalleled Talk-In and Talk-Out Due to Real-Time, Slot-to-Slot Gain Control

Scalable Coverage: Up to 1.9M ft²

Open Platform: Compatibility with third-party Public Safety Components

CEL-FI WAVE: Easy Set Up and Monitoring with CEL-FI WAVE PRO App and CEL-FI WAVE Portal

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