Shield Solo (BBU) Battery Box Unit

: $2,760.00

The SHIELD BBU ensures continuous direct current and charging functions for SHIELD SOLO systems, enabling the system to remain fully operational for as long as 12 hours during power interruptions.


  • Sustains SHIELD SOLO and associated accessories for up to 12 hours during power outages
  • Compatible with 80Ah / 12V lead-acid batteries
  • Includes two alarm ports for monitoring the BBU’s status


Better Performance, Faster Installation

Utilizing Nextivity’s exclusive IntelliBoost technology, SHIELD SOLO incorporates the top-tier features and functionalities commonly seen in Nextivity’s SHIELD EXTEND public safety DAS, adapting them for the low-power ERCES sector. By consolidating so much cutting-edge technology into a one-box system, SHIELD SOLO offers business owners the quickest route to install an ERCES, secure approval from Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), obtain their Certificate of Occupancy (CoO), and commence business operations.


Removing the Guesswork

Nextivity’s unique IntelliBoost technology, incorporated in SHIELD public safety systems, has the ability to automate system settings, a feature not found in other ERCES solutions. This automatic calibration of system parameters allows installers to set up an ERCES more quickly and with greater assurance of passing the initial AHJ inspection compared to other options on the market.

Continuous Environmental Monitoring and Self-Adjustment: Real-time tracking of environmental factors and automatic modifications, if needed, guarantee stable, dependable performance.

• Automated Uplink Gain Adjustment: The system sets or optimizes the uplink (UL) gain automatically, eliminating the need for extra testing equipment or guesswork in calculations.

• Dynamic Path Loss Calculation: The system calculates path loss automatically, adapting to different network requirements as needed.

• Real-Time Isolation Calculation: Isolation levels are calculated in real time and preset at 20 dB, in compliance with NFPA 1221, although the system can be adjusted for different local regulations.

• Auto-Adjusted Downlink Gain: The downlink (DL) gain is automatically modified to meet specified criteria.