SureCall Fusion2Go 5G Fleet Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

: $799.99

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Boost 5G signal inside any fleet vehicle and enjoy constant cellular connectivity in the most challenging signal areas with the Fusion2Go 5G Fleet cell phone signal booster. Reliably place and hold calls, send and receive texts, enjoy faster 5G data and a more consistent streaming experience with extended battery life on multiple devices inside the vehicle. Fusion2Go 5G Fleet is the FIRST and ONLY ultra-wideband cell signal booster built exclusively for use in fleet vehicles in Canada. It amplifies 60% more 5G signals than any other fleet vehicle booster for a total of 516 MHz of bandwidth across 7 frequency bands, including bands 66 & 7.

Fusion2Go 5G Fleet boosts voice, text, and data signals on all 5G and 4G LTE phones simultaneously for all Canadian carriers to provide strong signal inside any car, truck, van, or SUV. The kit includes the high-performance Fusion2Go 5G booster, low-profile NMO rooftop antenna that permanently mounts to any vehicle (3/8” hole required) enabling it to withstand the most rugged work and weather conditions, NMO mounting base with 15 ft of PRO200 cable, low-profile interior patch antenna with 10 ft cable, and 12V hardwire power supply with 18 ft cable.

  • MOST ADVANCED 5G FLEET VEHICLE SIGNAL BOOSTER IN CANADA. Boosts 5G/4G/LTE cellular voice, text, and data signals for all users inside any car, truck, van, or SUV.
  • MAINTAIN STRONG CONNECTIVITY in the weakest signal areas with fewer dropped calls, improved call clarity, and faster 5G data speeds for a more reliable streaming experience.
  • BOOSTS ALL CANADIAN CELL CARRIERS transmit and receive signals simultaneously, including Telus, Bell, Rogers and many more.
  • PERMANENT NMO ROOF-TOP ANTENNA requires 3/8″ hole to be drilled. Durable, weather-tested components are made to last and protected from water, dust, and road grime.
  • BOOSTS MORE 5G SIGNALS by amplifying 7 frequency bands including band 66 & 7 for 60% more 5G bandwidth than the closest competitor.
  • SUPPORTS MULTIPLE CELLULAR USERS AND DEVICES at the same time inside the vehicle including cell phones and hotspots, while extending their battery life.
  • DESIGNED, ASSEMBLED AND TESTED IN THE USA. IC-CERTIFIED KIT includes lifetime 100% US-based tech support and industry leading 3-year warranty.
Note: The permanent nature of the NMO antenna may require the assistance of a professional installer, as there will need to be a small 3/8″ hole drilled into the roof of the vehicle to run the antenna cable between the NMO antenna and the signal amplifier.