weBoost Drive Reach OTR Fleet

: $779.99

Drive Reach OTR Fleet takes weBoost’s most, powerful multi-user in-vehicle cell signal booster and optimizes it for the daily rigors of delivery vans, utility trucks, and all fleet Vehicle Classes (1-8.) Paired with our top-performing OTR Truck edition antenna (with 3-way mount and hardware for various install options) it effortlessly keeps drivers in contact with dispatch and fleet managers; whether traveling on city highways and interstates or rural routes in remote locations. Drive Reach OTR Fleet works on all Canadian carriers and is compatible with all phones and cellular devices to improve in-vehicle connectivity; simultaneously supporting multiple users.

5G Compatible – weBoost is committed to the 5G movement, ensuring all our products work with 5G and support the latest in 5G technology.


WeBoost Drive Reach OTR Fleet Kit Includes, Drive Reach Booster, 17″ OTR Antenna Truck Edition, Slim-Low Profile Antenna, Power Supply, 2 Mast Extensions, Coax Cable Side Exit Adapter, Antenna Spring, Cable Adapter and Thread Lock Packets.


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