weBoost Drive X OTR Fleet

: $649.99

weBoost Drive X OTR Fleet sets a new standard for multi-user, in-vehicle cell signal boosters; optimizing its performance in delivery vans, utility trucks, and all other fleet Vehicle Classes.

Paired with our top-performing OTR Truck edition antenna (with 3-way mount and hardware for various install options) it helps keep drivers in contact with dispatch and fleet managers whether traveling on city highways and interstates or rural routes in remote locations.  

Drive X OTR Fleet works on all U.S. carriers to improve in-vehicle cellular connectivity and is compatible with all phones and cellular devices as it simultaneously supports multiple users.

5G Compatible– weBoost is committed to the 5G movement, ensuring all our products work with 5G and support the latest in 5G technology.


  • ISED APPROVED — Meets all ISED guidelines and won’t interrupt or harm any carriers’ signals to and from the cell tower. Approved to operate on frequency bands 12, 13, 5, 4, 2.
  • Requires Professional Installation: Paired with an omni-directional NMO Antenna; permanently mounted to offer both durability and optimal cell signal coverage
  • Strongest Possible Signal: Boosts signal strength for cellular-based fleet tracking devices allowing fleet managers to better track vehicles, even in weak signal areas
  • Carrier-Accepted: Works with ALL cellular devices in the vehicle on ALL Carriers simultaneously
  • Satisfaction: Increases cellular range, provides fastest available data speeds and improves call quality
  • 【ISED Approved】IC Certification: The booster is compliant with the requirements of the standards applied. IC certification number: 4726A-460021. Hardware Version Identification Number(HVIN): 6530

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