WilsonPro Drive X RV Outside Antenna

: $139.99

Reach new heights in performance

The Drive X RV Outside Antenna is an omni-directional, wideband antenna designed for use with RVs and weBoost in-vehicle boosters. Its versatile, modular design allows it to expand from 9.5” to 28.5” in height; well above any RV cab’s obstructions to optimize performance.

With its side-exit adapter and hardware, Drive X RV Outside Antenna fits CB-antenna mounts and RV ladders. The optional spring base helps protect against high winds and tree branches.

The Drive X RV Outside Antenna comes equipped with a 25-ft. length of RG-6 cable to easily reach inside even the largest-sized RVs to wherever the booster is installed.

For compatibility with the Drive Reach Cell Signal Booster Kit (470154), this antenna requires an SMA Female to SMB Adapter (970019).

In the box

•   Drive X RV Outside Antenna (311224)

•   25’ Black RG-6 Antenna Cable (950625)

•   Mast Extension, Side-Exit Adapter, & Spring Base

•   Antenna Ladder Mount Hardware w/Thread Lock