Cel-Fi Compass XR New Installation & Testing Tool

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Cel-Fi Compass XR

The CEL-FI COMPASS XR scanning receiver is the complete solution to enable integrators to install and optimize CEL-FI cellular and public safety coverage systems. A convenient tool in a lightweight and portable case, it can be used globally to deploy and verify multiple technologies, including 5G New Radio networks in sub-6 GHz spectrum, LTE, CBRS, and LMR public safety coverage.

• Easily perform grid tests and site surveys with portable, handheld RF scanner.
• Ideal for deployment of CEL-FI QUATRA cellular & RED public safety systems.
• Single tool for a wide variety of networks with deep 5G-NR/4G-LTE/CBRS/FirstNet/LMR service scanner.
• Supports operator service bands worldwide with ultra-wide frequency range of 617-5000 MHz.
• Comes with all necessary accessories, including carrying case, hard storage case, antennas, and RF adapters.
• Protected from drop, scrapes and tumbles with rugged rubberized exoskeleton that provides a comfortable grip.
• Works with CEL-FI WAVE PRO app (iOS & Android) for all operations, including Full Signal Report export (.CSV) and more.