CEL-FI Compass XR (5G)

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Cel-Fi Compass XR (5G)

The COMPASS XR scanning receiver offers a comprehensive solution, empowering integrators to efficiently set up and enhance CEL-FI cellular and SHIELD public safety coverage systems. Packaged in a lightweight and easily portable form, this tool serves as a convenient option for the global deployment and validation of diverse technologies. It enables the installation and confirmation of various systems, encompassing 5G New Radio networks within the sub-6 GHz spectrum, LTE, CBRS, and LMR public safety coverage.



  • Easily perform grid tests and site surveys with a portable, handheld RF scanner.
  • Ideal for deployment of CEL-FI QUATRA cellular & RED public safety systems.
  • Single tool for a wide variety of networks with deep 5G-NR/4G-LTE/CBRS/FirstNet/LMR service scanner.
  • Supports operator service bands worldwide with an ultra-wide frequency range of 617-5000 MHz.
  • Comes with all necessary accessories, including a carrying case, hard storage case, antennas, and RF adapters.
  • Protected from drops, scrapes, and tumbles with a rugged rubberized exoskeleton that provides a comfortable grip.
  • Works with the CEL-FI WAVE PRO app (iOS & Android) for all operations, including Full Signal Report export (.CSV) and more.

Cel-Fi WAVE Mobile App


The User-Interface for CEL-FI COMPASS XR is CEL-FI WAVE PRO. This free mobile app (iOS and Android) pairs with COMPASS XR, allowing integrators to install and optimize CEL-FI installations without the need for local internet connectivity.

COMPASS XR performs a variety of installation and testing operations using WAVE PRO. Here are three examples:


Full Signal Report & Band Selection


Select the technologies, bands, and frequencies needed for quick and efficient scans. COMPASS XR collects all the data needed for the selected bands and saves time by excluding unnecessary frequencies. Get the Full Signal Report at the current location, and the WAVE PRO App saves selections for quick reuse at the next site.


Grid Test


Collect site survey data for public safety or cellular coverage, or even both at the same time, using the WAVE PRO App’s Grid Test. Whether performing an initial site survey or post-install acceptance testing, the COMPASS XR works with the WAVE System to ensure a successful CEL-FI installation.


Antenna Positioning


Easily find the ideal position for your donor antenna. Connect the donor antenna to the COMPASS XR and the WAVE PRO App will guide you through the positioning process, automatically calculating the optimal direction to point the antenna.



The COMPASS XR comes in a complete kit containing the accessories needed to connect the device to CEL-FI equipment, from industrial QUATRA boosters to antennas. The kit also includes these two cases:

Carrying Case

  • Designed for extended use in a variety of carrying configurations
  • One-shoulder sling or two-shoulder backpack, straps included
  • Integrated belt clip
  • Internal pouch for spare antennas

Hard Case

  • Rugged carry-on-sized transportation case
  • Die-cut foam secures all included equipment
  • Store the COMPASS XR either in its Carrying Case or separately
  • Extra space for additional cables and connectors

Tech Specs


Model Number





Height: 41.3 mm (1.6 in)
Width: 119.1 mm (4.7 in)
Length: 204.2 mm (8 in)
Weight (with Batteries): 730g (1.61 lb)


Main Processor: Single Board Linux Computer
Battery: Two rechargeable 3500 mAh, 3.7V protected 18650 cells (Included)
Battery Charger: Included, with plug adapter types A, C, G & I


Charging: USB-C
Antenna Ports: SMA Male (Main, MIMO, LMR)
Power Button: LED illuminated button
LED Indicators: 3: Power, Status and Charging
Bluetooth (LE Ver 4.2): 2402 – 2480 MHz
WiFi Access Point: Software upgradeable; enabled only when a Software Upgrade is in progress, while charging.

In the Box

Antenna adaptor: N-type Female to RP-SMA Male
Antenna adaptor: 4.3-10 Female to RP-SMA Male
Whip antenna: 600 MHz – 2.7 GHz
5V, 2A USB charger: Included

Band Support

5G-NR SA & NSA*:



758-775 / 851-861 MHz


*5G NSA (Non-Standalone) scans are best-effort and may not contain all relevant measurements. 5G NSA support is carrier-dependent, generally based on SSB and the availability of SIB1 data within the 5G band.
**UMTS enabled in future software release.

Data Sheet

Wave Portal Guide