QUATRA EVO Fiber Hub Expandable up to 6 More (CU) Coverage Units


In-Building Cellular Coverage Solution

CEL-FI QUATRA EVO represents the ultimate solution for addressing the cellular coverage challenges encountered in enterprise environments. It operates as an active DAS hybrid, ensuring a seamless, high-quality cellular signal throughout any building. Distinguished by its all-digital approach, QUATRA EVO leverages category cabling and Power-over-Ethernet architecture, delivering unparalleled signal amplification and scalability that set industry standards.

Furthermore, this cost-effective, carrier-grade system offers the advantage of fiber expansion capabilities, enabling effortless expansion of your coverage area. Remarkably, QUATRA EVO can be swiftly installed within days, minimizing downtime. Moreover, it boasts carrier approval and guarantees network safety without compromise.

Features and benefits include:

  • Scalable all-digital active DAS hybrid for enterprise environments
  • Flexible to configure for single or dual operator server application
  • Multi-carrier signal booster for 3G, 4G, and 5G with industry-leading signal gain up to 100 dB
  • Carrier approved and unconditionally network safe
  • Lossless RF signal and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) distribution with easy-to-install category cable architecture
  • Site installation flexibility with operator specific donor antenna or small cell signal source
  • Remotely monitor and configure with Nextivity WAVE Portal cloud management


CEL-FI QUATRA EVO Fiber Hub expands the Network Unit capacity from six to up to twelve Coverage Units. The fiber hub can be installed 1.24 miles (2.0 km) away from the NU to cover large spaces while maintaining the same signal quality throughout the system.

  • Donor source over fiber
  • Ofcom and ComReg Approved and FCC certified
  • SFP+ module not included


Coverage Made Easy

This one or two operator / two-port solution has many of the features of our flagship, four-port QUATRA 4000 systems including:

  • Scalable all-digital architecture
  • Flexible configuration
  • IntelliBoost technology with the best echo cancellation, gain, and coverage footprint in the industry
  • 3G/4G/5G
  • Support for up to Six (6) Coverage Units (CUs)
  • Compatability with optional fiber hub for even more coverage options (up to 12 CUs)
  • Use of category cabling and PoE
  • Hassle-free installation with minimal disruption to operations

Two Configurable Ports

Single-operator Mode
In single-operator mode, connect a single donor signal to both ports to support four bands from same carrier.

Dual-operator Mode
In dual-operator mode, connect a different donor antenna to each port to support two bands from each operator.

Either mode will provide full, reliable coverage throughout the building. Proprietary technology ensures devices are connected to the best available operator bands to provide optimal connectivity for end users.

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