SureCall FusionPro 2.0 (8 Bands) 75dB Gain

: $999.99

High Performance Ultra-Wideband Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home, Cottage and Office

Boost cell signal inside any home, cottage or office with Fusion Professional 2.0, the most powerful cell phone signal booster kit that provides strong, reliable connections throughout the most challenging signal areas. Fusion Professional 2.0 combines multiple patented technologies to create the most advanced, spectrum-rich and future-friendly cell booster available in Canada. The ultra-wideband cellular amplifier delivers reliable cell signal, fastest data speeds, better call clarity and consistent connectivity for multiple devices on all Canadian cell carriers, including Telus, Bell and Rogers.

• BUILT FOR PERFORMANCE— Fusion Professional 2.0 is the strongest all-carrier cell phone signal booster that is purpose-built for homes, cottages and offices in the weakest signal areas. It delivers seamless 5G/4G LTE connectivity for all phones and devices, including hotspots, in buildings up to 17,000 sq ft.

• DOUBLE THE SPECTRUM— The first ultra-wideband signal booster in Canada to support 8 bands. Fusion Professional 2.0 boosts three additional bands for a total of 586 MHz of amplified spectrum– which is almost double the amplified spectrum of other consumer boosters. 8 bands include: 600 MHz (Rural 5G), 700 MHz Lower, 700 MHz Upper, 850 Cellular, 1900 PCS, AWS-1, AWS-3 (Urban 5G) and 2600 MHz (Urban High Capacity).

• DOUBLE UPLINK & DOWNLINK POWER— Enjoy double the interior coverage area, improved connectivity and fastest data speeds in the weakest signal areas. Highest system gain in its class and SureCall’s patented 2XP technology DOUBLES uplink transmission power back to the cell tower ensuring a strong phone-to-tower connection even in the most challenging areas.

• TECHNOLOGY LEADER— SureCall boosters feature multiple patented booster technologies that deliver maximum performance, largest coverage areas and cellular connectivity inside buildings in low signal areas. SureIQ technology balances incoming signals, ensuring 24/7 uptime and continuous peak performance in both urban and rural areas.


SureCall 8 Band Booster Kit. Includes Booster Maximum Gain 75dB for Bands 71/12/13/5/25/4/66/7, AC 12V Power Supply, 10/11dB Yagi Wide Band Antenna 50 Ohm, 50 Ohm panel antenna with 20′ SC240 and 50′ SC400 Coaxial Cable. Coverage up to 17,000 Sq. Feet.

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